How and Why to Use Compressed Air to Power Your Control Valves

They may be seen in situations where electricity would be hazardous or impractical for the tasks at hand. They, like solenoid valves, can be used for both air and liquid flow. The pneumatic valves can be classified according to the type of actuators they use. They can be equipped with electromagnetic, air-powered, or mechanical actuators.
These springs often work to return the valve into its prior position. Most pneumatic directional control valves are 2-way, 3-Way or 4-Way and, as a rule of thumb, it is a count of their active media ports. The spool directs flow from the pressure port while the other actuator port exhausts to the atmosphere at the same time. In this context, the pneumatic air valve is functioning to provide flow control in a valve, but the fluid being controlled is not air. The air is serving as the control media, being passed through a pneumatic actuator to open, close, or modulate flow as needed.
THINKTANK has become the premier manufacturer of next-generation precision control valves. Air-Con is an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified manufacturer of control valves specializing in rotary screw compressors. Our highly innovative and capable U.S. workforce builds rugged, long-life valves customized to meet many customer applications and environments. In this paper, a control scheme was investigated to control a pneumatic control valve system. The robustness of the proposed scheme was presented through computer simulation and the efficacy of the scheme is shown both in the time and amplitude domains.
Pneumatic systems are found in manufacturing lines, train doors, and mechanical clamps. Many industrial companies would be unable to function without the specialized use of pneumatic control systems. Pneumatics is often the driving force behind automated machines. The above list of types does not cover all the different versions of flow control valves. For more information about different styles and how they function within a pneumatic system, please reach out to us for more details.
As a processing element, the directional control valve redirects or cancels signals depending on the signal input received. Pneumatic systems provide a fine degree of control, allowing force to be applied where it’s needed, when it’s needed and in the amount needed. Pneumatic valves help by creating proper air pressure and flow rates. Three-way and two-way valves are made up of three ports that are connected by passages within the valve body.
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