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Fill in the form to contact our team and receive more information about our commercial glass and timber door solutions. Veneer options include wood finishes such as European oak, walnut, sycamore, and eucalyptus, with the option to match to adjoining pilasters as required. ■ Problems can also arise with weak frames carrying heavy dead and induced loads of double-glazed units. There are a large number of weathered surfaces with this window type, and all the puttied joints are sources of potential water egress. The movement of the sashes can cause wear to the protective film, although the increased depths of the window reveal compared with the modern casement frame may offer some protection. Sliding sash windows make a significant visual contribution to the elevations of many fine buildings, and where it is sensible, these are normally retained during any repair and refurbishment work.
For standard performance the tested doors were fitted with non-specialised ironmongery and conventionally installed so as to allow normal opening and closing. Thus the test results give a realistic indication of the performance that can be achieved in practice. Doorsets can be supplied with sound reduction up to 36 dB for standard construction or up to 43dB for high performance. See Acoustic doorset range table for a summary of glazed door range.
With excellent insulation properties, timber can help keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. And if all these benefits weren’t enough, there is also the magnificent aesthetic appeal of stained timber. Behind that rather scientific-sounding name, you’ll find the latest technology and design in doors. And when you’re indoors you’ll enjoy loads of style, strength and security. ERA Home Security has an unrivalled reputation for high quality design and technical innovation establishing it as one of the UK’s leading Window and Door Hardware Manufacturers. entrance doors know how important choosing the right product is, our trusted and professional team are here to offer bespoke solutions for your home improvement needs.
We ensure that every aspect of customer service is delivered to the highest of standards. We use the best materials to ensure the highest quality and safety for our customers. Contemporary interior doors from Selo – the last word in modern interior door design. Our metal riser doorsets now have the option to have the Quench® fire-stopping material already fixed into place.
Most cabin doors are of this type, but cargo doors typically open outward to maximise interior space, and require hefty locking mechanisms to overcome internal pressure and prevent explosive decompression. A steel security door is one which is made from strong steel, often for use on vaults and safe rooms to withstand attack. These may also be fitted with wooden outer panels to resemble standard internal and external doors. Ancient doors were hung by pintles at the top and bottom of the hanging stile, which worked in sockets in the lintel and sill, the latter in some hard stone such as basalt or granite. Those Hilprecht found at Nippur, dating from 2000 BC, were in dolerite. The tenons of the gates at Balawat were sheathed with bronze .
The powerful high-speed doors have a smooth surface structure and no protruding edges, allowing minimal particle retention and easy cleaning. Sliding glass doors are common in many houses, particularly as an entrance to the backyard. Such doors are also popular for use for the entrances to commercial structures, although they are not counted as fire exit doors. The door that moves is called the “active leaf”, while the door that remains fixed is called the “inactive leaf”. Wood is the most common material, and doors may also be metal or glass.
In cases where this is infeasible, it may be possible to avoid an accident by placing vision panels in the door. In public buildings, exterior doors open to the outside to comply with applicable fire codes. In a fire, a door that opens inward could cause a crush of people who can’t open it.
The Greek scholar Heron of Alexandria created the earliest known automatic door in the first century AD during the era of Roman Egypt. The first foot-sensor-activated automatic door was made in China during the reign of Emperor Yang of Sui (r. 604–618), who had one installed for his royal library. Gates powered by water featured in illustrations of the automatons of the Arab inventor Al-Jazari. They have the passion for their industry, the qualified staff and the infrastructure which enables them to deliver the unparalleled service I require at short notice. They protect the specifications we demand, whilst ensuring the package is delivered on time and within budget to the contractor. I have had the pleasure of working with Consort on a number of projects throughout the region, in recent years, and have always found their service and reliability second to none.