Fail-Safe Student Fundraiser Ideas school fundraiser ideas

Compiled by two ex-Chapter Presidents-turned-MEDLIFE staff. Emma from New York and Sophia from London. This list of student fundraiser ideas is guaranteed to earn you the big bucks or pounds! With our Moving Mountains campaign in full swing, we decided to put our linguistic differences aside for the good of the Movement. We give you 15 student fundraiser ideas that work on both sides of the pond!

1. Power Hour

We borrowed this idea from the amazing Indiana University Chapter. Check out their MED Week Fundraiser here! Get your Chapter or Society to dedicate one intense hour to calling anyone and everyone they can think of to try to raise as much money as possible.

Set up as if you were a trading floor, and play upbeat music. Get someone to emcee the hour to create an electric atmosphere. Indiana had a screen with everyone’s fundraising totals to get members competing for the most donations!

2. Water Pong Tournament

Encourage your Chapter or Society members to partake in some friendly competition. Stay hydrated with a water pong tournament. Set up a bracket and have teams pay to enter. The winning team receives a prize of your choice. Get creative! You know your universities better than we do! school fundraiser ideas

3. Puppy Kissing Booth

Enlist the help of your furry friends. Set up a kissing booth in a public area of your university. Charge students to get some puppy love and destress from a hectic week!

4. Sports Tournament

Use your student fundraiser to get competitive! Take advantage of your University’s sports facilities to organize a tournament of your choice. This can be a standard 5-a-side football tournament. Go for the full Dodgeball-esque experience.

Get people to enter their teams. Each team pays a fee to enter! Organize a prize for the champions and a participation prize for the teams who actually believe that it’s just the taking part that counts, also known as Losers.

5. Gaming for Good

Hold a gaming night at your university where students can enter to play their favourite (go UK) video games for charity. Whether you do it in the form of a 24-hour marathon or a tournament is completely up to you. This is a great way to get more people involved in your fundraising!

6. Casino Royale

Host a Casino themed night. Either a whole night of black-tie in true Daniel Craig style or a simple poker tournament where a portion or all of the winnings go to MEDLIFE.

7. Dine & Donate

Partner with a local restaurant for a delicious fundraiser! Encourage your students and their friends to eat at your chosen restaurant. Collect a portion of the profit. Eating good food for charity. Where do we sign up?