9 Potent and Creative PTA Fundraising Ideas

You can provide a prize for the winner and sell the new official school tee shirt to raise funds. Penny wars have been a popular way to raise money for school teams. School fundraising is all about the community, creativity, and commitment. It’s important to not overwhelm your school community with too many fundraising events. Every fundraising activity, no matter how small, should be meaningful and with a clear goal.
Give your fans additional chances to donate by selling concessions at the tournament games. school fundraising idea can also incorporate your shoe drive fundraiser by asking attendees to bring a pair of shoes as a contribution and their entry fee. Everyone gets the chance to be an athlete when you host a field day fundraiser for your team!
You’ll also need plenty of volunteers to plan and promote the event, hold down the fort on event day and handle clean up afterward. Challenge your students to sell raffle tickets to their friends and families for different raffles that the school will hold. Whoever sells the most tickets gets to follow a local hero for the day and find out what they do from day to day. Make sure to get your local heroes’ permission before offering them up as a prize to your students. With all these ways for schools to raise money, you’re sure to get an A for effort—and sure to raise funds for your school community.
You can also look into selling cookie dough and doing a gift wrap fundraiser around the holidays. So far, more than 30,000,000 people in the United States have collected over 2.5 billion items for recycling and earned almost $4.5 million for fundraisers. Schools keep 90% of funds raised and RaiseCraze keeps a 10% fee for maintaining and promoting the program online. This program not only enables schools to reach their fundraising goals but also empowers small-scale independent farmers around the world. If you are looking for a free fundraising idea, this is the one. T-shirts fundraisers can be used alone to generate funds or combined with other efforts such as school walk-a-thons, bake-offs, etc.
Your school can make money by hosting a farmers’ market, selling whatever the garden yields. It brings the entire school community together in a fun and healthy way. “Rent out” puppies on campus for playtime $5-10 per 30 minutes. Students, who are often not allowed pets on campus, get to have doggie dates, and you get to raise funds. Book a location on campus and promote the event on social media. This fundraiser is sure to spread via word of mouth as more and more students come and then let their friends know.
These simple ideas require little to no selling to help raise money for your school. We work with Elementary Schools that have thousands of students participating in our fundraisers and we also work with small groups fundraising with as little as 1-10 participants. This next fundraising idea, in a similar fashion to the cell phone recycling fundraiser, is the ink cartridge recycling fundraiser. You can run this fundraiser the same way you would run the cell phone fundraiser, or even host these simultaneously. Another great fundraising idea to consider running leading into the holiday season is a gift-wrapping fundraiser.
Or, if you have uneven numbers in each group, use the highest average sales. And if two teams happen to end in a tie, determine the winning group by the most dollars sold. Holiday festivals are a great way to get into the holiday spirit. You can turn a holiday festival into a fundraiser by charging for tickets, selling goods, or hosting fundraising events (such as raffles or silent auctions) during the festival. In conclusion, we invite you to please look at some of the fundraising catalogs that we have. Each of them makes excellent fundraisers for school PTO programs.
After that generate advertisement boards and various types of advertisements so that folks understand precisely what service your high school is supplying. You will discover that a lot of folks will come in order to get their automobiles cleaned. Here we offer valuable resources and suggestions specific to your team, league, or event. In these pages, you will find the fundraising products that perform best in your segment. Links to articles that discuss more in-depth information relating to your choice are included as well.