13-1041 08 Customs Brokers

The fees or other benefits resulting from the customs business services rendered by a broker will directly benefit an unlicensed person or entity. Thus, importacion de coches wherein unlicensed persons acting as independent agents receive a commission for marketing or selling customs services on behalf of a brokerage company are generally prohibited. However, in Headquarters ruling H , CBP had carved out a distinction between a commission paid to unlicensed independent agents contracted by a broker, and the unlicensed employees of a broker. The function of this distinction is to preserve the regulation’s underlying policy concern of preventing unlicensed persons from improperly benefitting from the transaction of customs business.
On the front lines of customs brokerage for more than 80 years. Today we share those capabilities with companies of all sizes looking to open new markets. Things like customs clearance, standardized processing across multiple modes, assistance with global regulatory compliance, document imaging, Electronic Data Interchange solutions, export filing and more.
Customs brokers also must learn how to decipher government regulations. And Abbie says that, if she had known in college what her career would be, she’d have studied international business to prepare for the finance, economics, and other aspects of global trade that her job entails. International freight forwarders help exporters move cargo from dock-to-door, providing several significant services.
GEODIS customs experts can also support you in the necessary duty drawback services through full monitoring, including internal controls and filing for refunds , drawback preparations, analysis, submission to authorities and assistance in case of audits. Overcome the unpredictable nature of today’s ever-evolving market with customs technology that offers near real-time visibility to your import activity. Navisphere® U.S. Customs Analytics offers a powerful combination of tools you can use to review your customs clearance performance—from carrier utilization to on-time entries and more.
If there has been a breach of the records, such as hacking or inadvertent disclosure, the broker must notify CBP within 72 hours of the breach and report the affected importer of record numbers. CBP can request copies of records such as powers of attorney, entries and supporting documents. If requested the broker has 30 days to provide the requested records – or face a recordkeeping penalty. A customs broker agency helps their clients meet government trade regulations when importing and exporting goods. An experienced customs broker agency can prevent delays by preparing and submitting the necessary information and assessing commercial documents. Biocair has always provided industry-leading levels of support to the life sciences supply chain.